Options for Buying and Selling Transitions

Every year, hundreds of families sell their homes and purchase new ones. Nevertheless, the process can sometimes be a little complicated. In what follows, we will discuss some of the important issues which need to be considered.

Time Is Money

One of the reasons most people give for wanting to be a “For Sale by Owner” is they think that they can end up making more money from the sale of their home than they could if they hired a REALTOR. It’s been my experience that, for most people, it just does not work out this way

Steps to Successful Showings

You’ve worked hard to get your home ready to sell both on the inside and the outside. Now, it’s time to make sure that your home will be presented to potential buyers in the best possible way.

Pricing Your House

Naturally, most of us want to make as much money as possible when we sell our homes. At the same time, we don’t want to price our homes so high that they are “out of the market.” Finding just the right price point for our homes can often be a difficult process, with few guarantees that we have hit just the right point. In what follows, we will discuss some concepts relating to real estate price and value with a view to helping you understand the process of pricing your home.