Manage a Property

In the more than 30 years that we have managed local rental property, we've developed a management philosophy designed to produce the greatest return on investment for the owner, over the long term.

How we help you maximize the return on your investment.

  • We help you make whatever improvements or repairs are necessary to maximize the property's marketability to tenants relative to other competing properties. We then work to keep your property in top-quality condition.
  • We carefully screen tenants for financial qualifications, as well as a history of taking good care of the homes in which they have lived.
  • We take good care of your tenants — we respond quickly and courteously to any maintenance requests, and we treat your tenants as the good customers they are.

How does all this help maximize my return on investment?

  • Homes which are in top condition and maintained that way rent faster, and at higher rent levels than average homes. So, incomes are higher and vacancy rates are lower.
  • Homes in great condition attract tenants who are motivated to keep their homes in great condition. The result — less expense from tenant neglect or carelessness.
  • Tenants with a good history of timely rent payments and taking good care of their rental homes are likely to continue to be good tenants.
  • Taking good care of our tenants increases the likelihood that they will choose to renew their leases, which saves you the cost associated with tenant turnover.
  • When it comes time to sell your rental property, it will be in fully marketable condition, and ready to bring the best possible price in the market.

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